Time activity log FAQ

This feature is in beta. We aren't currently adding more accounts to the beta. Thanks for your interest!

If you haven't already, you may also want to review our general article on the time activity log.

How far back does the log go?

Initially, you’ll be able to access any activity logged on or after October 14, 2023, which is 30 days prior to this feature’s launch. Eventually, you’ll be able to access the last six months of activity from the date you’re accessing the log. For example, if you access the log on June 2, 2024, you'd be able to see activity data going back to December 2, 2023. 

If you need a record of all time activity that happens in the account, we recommend regularly exporting the log, since you won’t be able to access data older than six months. 

What happens if I disable the log? Do I lose data?

You won’t lose any data if you disable the log—you can always enable it again to see any actions taken within the last six months, even during periods when the log was disabled.

Can I enable the log for certain people only?

No. To maintain transparency, when the activity log is enabled, it’s enabled for everyone in the account. However, the activity each person has access to in Time > Activity depends on their permission level in Harvest, as detailed in our general article on the time activity log.

Can I prevent people from seeing changes I make to someone else’s timesheet?

No. If you make changes to someone else’s timesheet, the person whose timesheet was edited can see those edits and who made them. 

Can I prevent people from seeing changes I make to my own timesheet?

No. Any Administrator (and some Managers, depending on their specific permissions) can see all changes you make to your own timesheet. 

Can I see when someone started/stopped a timer, even if the account's timer mode is set to duration?

Yes. If your account has the time activity log enabled, you’ll be able to see exact timestamps for when you or a teammate started or stopped a timer regardless of the account’s timer mode.

What date, clock, and timezone settings does the log follow?

The date and time (12 or 24-hour clock) formats follow the account’s settings. 

The log timezone follows your device timezone. 

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