Asana time tracking update, November 2023: FAQs

On November 7, 2023, Asana will end support for the current Harvest-Asana integration. On this date, the original Harvest Time Clock icon will no longer appear within Asana.

However, the latest versions of our browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge provide the same functionality. Please install or update the extension for your browser before November 7, 2023, to continue tracking time from within Asana as usual.

Video walkthrough of the new integration

What is the reason for this update? Did Asana or Harvest decide to make this update? 

This change was initiated by Asana. We updated our browser extensions to take the place of the old integration. You can read more about the extensions and how to set them up for your browser here: Asana — track time to Harvest.

How do I know if my browser extension is up to date?


The updated version of the Chrome extension is 4.1.1. To see whether you have the latest version:

  1. Click the three dots to the top right of your Chrome browser and choose Extensions > Manage Extensions
  2. For the Harvest Time Tracker extension, click Details. You'll see the version number listed there.

If your version is not 4.1.1, you can manually update by going back to the main extensions page and toggling on Developer mode to the top right. Then, click Details for the Harvest Time Tracker extension and click the Update button on the next page. 


The updated version of the Firefox extension is 3.1.1. To see whether you have the latest version:

  1. Click the extensions puzzle piece icon in your Firefox toolbar and choose Manage Extensions.
  2. Expand the Harvest Time Tracker under “Manage Extensions” and scroll down below the Harvest Time Tracker details to see the version.

If your version is not 3.1.1, change your Allow automatic updates above version to On, which will update your extension.


The updated version of the Edge extension is 3.1.1. To see whether you have the latest version:

  1. Select the puzzle piece icon for Extensions located to the right of your browser address bar.
  2. Under Installed Extensions, click Details under Harvest Time Tracker.
  3. The version of your extension should be shown at the top next to the Harvest logo.

If your version is not 3.1.1, turn on Developer mode on the left side of the window where you manage your Edge extensions, and then click the Update button that appears next to the Installed extensions heading.

What if I use Safari?

Unfortunately, if you want to continue using the Harvest and Asana integration after Asana removes support for the existing integration, you’ll need to use the Asana web application in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. You can read about setting that up with a browser extension in Asana — track time to Harvest.

We may introduce a Safari extension in the future.

Can I continue using the Asana desktop app?

Unfortunately, the updated Asana integration only supports the Asana web application. 

To continue using the Harvest and Asana integration after Asana removes support for the existing integration, please have your team convert to using the Asana web app paired with a browser extension as outlined in Asana — track time to Harvest.

Will the browser extension track any of my data or activity (even when I'm not using it)?

No, we don't track your data or activity with the browser extension.

Our privacy practices (click the Privacy practices tab in the app store listing) have not changed regarding our browser extension—your data continues to be neither collected nor sold, and we’re not tracking your browsing history after this permission is accepted.

The only thing that’s changed is that when a person uses our Asana integration, the extension needs a way to know when a certain action is taken (if you’re familiar with Asana, we need to know when a task is opened in order to show the timer icon on that card). In particular, Google groups multiple uses under the “Read your browsing history” permission as that’s the permission required in this case, even though we’re not looking at your browsing history.

We want to assure you that we’re not tracking your navigation events, and nothing is being tracked, collected, or sent back to us.

Where is my previously tracked time?

All of your previously tracked time remains recorded within Harvest. Any time tracked on the original integration will no longer show at the bottom of the Harvest time card in Asana, where users will see 0.00 before tracking any new time. However, this is not due to any time being lost in Harvest itself.

My project/task combination is no longer defaulting to what it was.

When first switching over to the new Harvest + Asana integration, teammates will have to reselect their Harvest project/task combinations within Harvest time tracking in Asana.

Once that's done, however, the project/task combinations will be remembered going forward.

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