My Chrome Extension isn't working! Help!

Not to worry! If the Chrome extension is not working for you, below we've included some steps that’ll help you troubleshoot common issues quickly, so you can get back to tracking time in Chrome.

Can’t Sign In or Connect

  • In the Web Address field, make sure you’re entering only the first portion of your Harvest Web Address ( It should be entered without https:// or

  • Your email and password must be an exact character for character match with the email and password set up for your Harvest ID. Capitalization is especially important for your password. If you’re copying and pasting these values, make sure you didn’t accidentally include a trailing space. (It’s easy to do!)

  • If your account was created via Google Apps, you may need to create a Harvest-specific password (more info on that here).

Can’t Track Time

Is your timesheet or project locked? Sign in to your Harvest account via a web browser to find out. Locked time will show a small lock icon to the right of the entry. You can read more about how to unlock a timesheet here.

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