Assemble Your Team 🎦

Invite your co-workers to join your Harvest account.

You can build your company’s team by adding people to your account from your Team section. Here’s a quick video on how to get your teammates up and running—and tracking time!

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when you add a team member, followed by details on each of the form’s fields: Assemble Your Team

  • You can choose whether a person is an Employee or Contractor; this designation is useful for reporting purposes but doesn’t impact any other part of your Harvest account.
  • The Email address must be unique for every person on the account.
  • Assign a Role if you wish. This is an optional field that allows you to filter your team report to see people who share the same role and pull detailed time reports for a group of people instead of individuals.
  • The Capacity is the maximum number of hours per week a person can work. It’s great for understanding if people are working enough or too much. You’ll be asked to set a default capacity for your entire account, but you can override that default in each user’s profile.
  • The Billable Rate represents the rate at which you bill your client for this person’s work. The rate you enter here will automatically pre-populate for this person on all projects that are set to invoice by person hourly rate. You can also change a person’s default rate over time (say, if they bill clients more each year) and override default rates per project.
  • The Cost Rate represents the internal cost of the person to your company. You’ll want to enter this for your employees (even if they’re salaried) so that you can compare the amount you’re billing your clients for each project to the internal cost of that project for your team. The cost rate applies to all projects on your account, although you can change it over time for each person (say, if they get a raise). This rate can only be seen by Administrators.
  • The default permission level for team members is Regular User, which will allow them to see only their own time and expenses. Users with Project Manager permissions can edit and manage projects that they’re assigned to—you must also mark them as a Project Manager on the project. Those with Administrator permissions can see and do anything in Harvest. You can get more details on permissions here.
  • An email will be sent to your teammate to let them know how to sign in to Harvest and set up their password once you click Invite and Continue.

After inviting your new person, you’ll have the opportunity to assign them to projects in the account so they can start tracking time right away.

Everyone’s present and accounted for. How can we get the most out of tracking our time?

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