What's the difference between archiving and deleting?

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Clients, projects, people, tasks, and expense categories can be either deleted or archived. This document explains the difference between these two options. For information about how to delete or archive, see here.


A client, person, task, or expense category can only be deleted if it has no time or expenses tracked to it. A project with tracked time or expenses can be deleted, and that action will simultaneously delete any time, expenses, and retainers linked to the project. You can see how to delete here. Once something is deleted, it is completely purged from our records, and that purge cannot be undone. Deletion is permanent.


Archiving a record makes the record inactive, while preserving the record and all associated data. You’ll still be able to report on and invoice for archived data. A client, person, task, or expense category that has time or expense data tracked to it can’t be deleted—archiving is the only option.

You can’t track time or expenses to an archived record. However, you can restore archived records at any time. To see more about how to do that, head here.

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