How do I upgrade to a paid plan?

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  1. Click See Upgrade Options at the bottom of any page in Harvest, or click Settings (upper right corner) and, in the Billing Information section, click the Upgrade button.

  2. Select a Monthly or Yearly billing cycle, enter the number of seats you need on the account, and click the Continue to Billing button.

    • If you choose to upgrade with fewer seats than the current number of active teammates, you’ll be directed to a new page to archive any additional people. Check the box beside the teammates you’d like to archive, then click Archive…Teammates to be taken back to the billing page.
    • Note that you won’t be able to archive the Account Owner or your own user profile.
  3. Enter your Billing Address and Credit Card information.

    • If you choose yearly billing and have 10+ seats in your account, you can pay by check or wire transfer. Select the Request an invoice… link at the bottom left of the checkout page.
    • If you have a coupon, click the I have a coupon link under Plan Summary to enter your code.
  4. Click Charge My Credit Card.

If you choose a monthly subscription, we’ll bill you each month on the date of your first payment. If you choose to pay yearly, we’ll bill you each year on the date of your first payment.

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