Mac App - Managing Preferences

In Harvest for Mac’s Preferences you can adjust settings, customize a few keyboard shortcuts, and troubleshoot app issues by clearing the app cache or sending a log to Harvest.

To adjust your app’s preferences:

  1. Open the Timesheet window and click the gear icon in the bottom right.
  2. Select Preferences…
  3. Under the General tab, you have options to:
    • Automatically start Harvest when your computer starts up
    • Show the app in your dock and app switcher
    • Automatically check for new version updates of the app
    • Turn on/off idle time detection after a specific amount of minutes
    • Choose how many minutes before the idle time detector is triggered
    • Open Harvest to enable Time Tracking Reminders
  4. Under the Shortcuts tab, you can customize the following keyboard shortcuts by typing a new one into each corresponding field:
    • Start a new timer
    • Show/hide timesheet
    • Show time summary
    • Show favorites
    • You can also click Restore Default Shortcuts if you decide you don’t like the customizations you’ve made
  5. Under the Support tab, you can take the following actions:
    • Click the Clear Cache button to reset your Harvest for Mac app. This is a great option if you’re running into any buggy behavior.
    • Click the Send Log to Harvest Support button to help us debug any issues. A log may be requested if you’re communicating with our Support Team about a specific issue.

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