Is there a free version of Harvest?

Harvest does have a free version, and it is available for anyone to use.

When you first sign up for a Harvest account, you get a free 30-day trial that is fully featured—that is, it’s the same as it would be if you were paying for the account. This is different from the free plan, which you’re welcome to use as long as you’d like and which has some limitations.

Do I have to take action to use the free plan?

Yes. When your trial ends, you'll need to choose to switch to the free version or upgrade to a paid account; if you don't take either action, your trial will expire and you won't have access to it until you do choose one of those options.

How is the free plan different from a paid subscription?

Here are the limitations of the free version:

  • You can have only 1 active person in the account. Archived people don't count toward this limit.
  • You’re limited to 2 active projects. Archived projects don’t count toward this limit.
  • You can’t upload a company logo.
  • You can’t attach files to invoices or estimates.
  • You can’t integrate with QuickBooks Online or import projects and people from Asana.
  • You can’t import data.

You'll still be able to send unlimited invoices and have unlimited clients.

Switching to the free plan

Your Harvest account must fit the requirements mentioned above before you’ll see the option to switch to the free version.

Screenshot of the upgrade screen, with a link to switch to the free plan at the bottom

What if I don't see the link to switch to the free plan in my trial or monthly subscription?

In all cases, your account must fit the limitations mentioned above before you’ll be able to switch to the free version.

In most cases where you don't see that link, you still need to archive people and/or archive or delete projects so that you have no more than 1 active person and 2 active projects in your account.

Switch from a trial to the free plan

To switch your free trial to the free plan:

  1. When you're ready to switch during your trial, click the Upgrade button at the bottom of any page in your account to start the upgrade process.
  2. On the Upgrade your Harvest plan screen, click the switch to the free version link at the bottom of the page.
    • If you’ve enabled sample data in your trial account, any sample items will be removed when you make the switch.

Switch from a monthly subscription to the free plan

To switch from a monthly paid account to the free plan:

  1. Click Settings (top right).
  2. Click the Update plan button in the Subscription plan area, under the Billing information section.
  3. Click the switch to the free version link toward the bottom of the page.

Switch from a yearly subscription to the free plan

If you’re currently on a yearly paid plan and would like to convert to the free plan, please contact us for more information.

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