How do Harvest Referrals work?

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Referrals Overview

Harvest Referrals lets you invite people to try Harvest via Email or Twitter. If your friend decides to upgrade to a paid plan, both of you receive a $10 credit that’s automatically applied to both of your Harvest accounts.

Your friends must sign up for Harvest via your unique invitation link to ensure both of you receive credits. Please review our Terms of Service for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in Harvest Referrals?

Harvest Referrals is easily accessible from your Harvest account. When signed in, simply click your name in the top right corner of Harvest and click Referrals. Additionally, you can share your link on-the-go via the Referrals tab from the Harvest for iPhone or Android app.

Do I need to customize my invitation page with a testimonial?

No, but we highly recommend personalizing your page with a testimonial. Understanding why Harvest is beneficial for your business can help others relate.

How can I tell if my friends signed up for a trial and upgraded to a paid plan?

While we can’t tell you specifically who signed up and upgraded for privacy reasons, we’ve built a real-time dashboard to let you know how many of your friends took these actions. We’ll also e-mail you when a friend upgrades. You can access the dashboard from the Spread the Word tab.

I’m on a free/sponsored plan. How do I redeem my credits?

Any credits earned go towards a paid plan. As soon as you upgrade, Harvest begins to discount the cost of your plan every month from your total remaining credits.

I’ve referred people, but they aren’t showing under Referred Customers. Why?

Referred Customers only shows your referrals who are now Harvest customers. People who were referred but did not upgrade to paid plan after the trial will not show up here.

You can find your link under the Spread the word tab, where it says Grab invitation link.

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