Does Harvest support LEDES invoices?

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Some older Harvest accounts have optional support for the LEDES 98B format for invoices. Unfortunately, this feature is no longer available for newer accounts.

Creating a LEDES Invoice

  1. Go to Invoices > Overview.
  2. Click New Invoice, and choose LEDES based on project hours and expenses.
  3. Fill out the Create LEDES Invoice page, and click Save LEDES Invoice.
  4. Once created, the invoice will be LEDES compatible, and read only.
  5. To download the LEDES compatible file, click Download LEDES.

Note: LEDES invoices can’t be edited after they are created. If you need to edit the invoice, you’ll have to delete and re-create the invoice.

Configuring Your Account

Law Firm Id - After LEDES support is enabled, head to Invoices > Configure > Company Info. You’ll now see a field for your Law Firm Id.

Timekeeper Classification - Timekeeper Classification codes are entered as Roles for each teammate. From Manage > Roles, click the New Role button. Enter the code as the Name of your role, and select the people you’d like to apply this code to.

Task Codes - Harvest doesn’t explicitly support Task Codes. As a workaround, you can update the existing names of tasks to reflect the appropriate Task Code (from Manage > Tasks). You can replace the task name with the Task Code entirely (and keep a cheat sheet for reference), or add the Task Code to task name and split them into different fields in the export generated after downloading the invoice.

Client Matter ID - This is pulled from the project’s project code. From Projects, click the Actions button for the project in question and select Edit. Enter the number in the Project Code field.

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