How will the new project types affect my old data?

In spring of 2017 we introduced support for fixed fee projects. As part of that update, Harvest introduced a new concept of project types. There are now three project types: Time and Materials, Fixed Fee, and Non-Billable. You can read more about these project types here.

In this doc, we’ll explain how the introduction of these new project types affects your account’s data.

Previously in Harvest, there was no such thing as a project type. So how will my old projects map to these new types?

When you get access to the new project type feature, all your projects will be labeled as Time and Materials.

But don’t worry! Nothing about your project settings will change. All of its tasks, people, and settings (like budgets or invoice methods) will remain the same. For example, if you had a project with no Invoice Method, it’ll now be Time and Materials with no Invoice Method.

You might not even notice a change, other than seeing a Time and Materials label at the top of each project’s page.

But wait, not all my projects are Time and Materials. What do I do?

No problem! You don’t necessarily have to do anything. Your projects will continue to work as they always have, other than that you’ll see a label at the top of each project’s page.

However, you may want to use a different project type. For example, you might have an actual fixed fee project and you want to take advantage of our new features.

Or, you might have a non-billable project, and prefer it to have the Non-Billable label. (Note that, besides the project type label, there’s no behavioral difference between a Non-Billable project, and a Time and Materials project with no Invoice Method.)

If either of those are the case, editing your project type is quick and easy:

  1. Head to Projects.
  2. Click the Actions menu beside the project you want to edit, then select Edit.
  3. Use the Project Type selector to pick another project type.
  4. Fill in your settings.
  5. And save!

Why are all my projects labeled as Time and Materials instead of Fixed Fee or Non-Billable?

Previously, Harvest projects didn’t have a type. There simply wasn’t a way to categorize your projects.

So when we launched the project type feature, we had no foolproof way to know what project type to apply to what project.

This was compounded by the fact that our customers set up projects all kinds of ways to achieve different things. It was risky to guess which project was Time and Materials, Fixed Fee, or Non-Billable, especially because there isn’t parity between some old project settings and some new project types.

The good news is, Harvest’s old project settings exactly match the new Time and Materials project settings. This means we can map any of your old projects to the Time and Materials project type without changing anything about your project. It’s safe, and has no impact on your project other than applying a new Time and Materials label.

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