How do I assign a person to all projects?

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You can assign people to all projects from within their profile. They’ll also be assigned to all new projects by default. If a person is not assigned to and thus can't see the projects that they should, this is a simple way to allow them to access all projects at once.

To assign a user to all current and future projects:

  1. Head to Team and click the Actions dropdown to the right of the team member you’d like to update.
  2. Select Edit. You’ll be dropped into their Projects tab.
  3. Click the Select Projects To Assign box at the top of the projects list.
  4. Choose Assign to All Projects at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  5. Click the green Assign All Projects button.

Assign to all projects

You’re all set! Your team member will be assigned to all current projects and to all new projects.


  • You can turn off the option to automatically assign a person to all new projects by clicking the Disable link at the top of the person’s Projects screen.
  • If someone is already assigned to all current projects but the option to assign them to future projects has been disabled, you can turn it back on by clicking the Assign to all future projects link at the top of the person’s Projects screen.
  • If you assign an Administrator or Project Manager to all projects, the box underneath Manages This Project will be checked automatically for each project. You can uncheck it next to any project the team member doesn’t need to manage and it will sync in the account.
  • If you increase a Regular User’s permissions level to Project Manager or Administrator, and then assign them to all projects, the Manages This Project box will not be checked next to any project where they had tracked time as a Regular User. You’ll need to manually check the box next to those projects if you’d like the person to manage them.

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