Tracking and editing time: Week view

The Week view of your timesheet is ideal for adding a lot of time at once, so head here if you need to enter time in bulk for several days—or even weeks.

In addition to the Week view, you can also track time in the Day view of your timesheet, as well as with our desktop and mobile apps

Accessing the Week view

You can reach the Week view by going to Time > Timesheet and ensuring that the Day/Week toggle is set to Week. You'll see each project/task combination that you're tracking displayed in its own distinct row.

To enter and edit time in the Week view, the timer mode preference in your Settings needs to be set to Track time via duration. Learn more in our article on timesheet settings

If you want a timer to run while you work or would like to add notes to your time entries, you’ll need to use the Day view

Entering time in the Week view

  1. Click + Add row.
  2. Choose your project and task and click Save row. You can quickly select by typing the project or task name in the selection box and hitting the Enter key.
    • Note: In order to track time to a client, you’ll need to create a project for them first.
  3. Enter your time in the new row. You can click the Save button to save it immediately or wait and let Harvest automatically save it within a few seconds.

You might see that rows from a previous week have been automatically copied to the new week without any time entered. You can click the x for a row if you don’t need it—and you can always re-add the row later if you do spend time on that task.

Alternatively, you might see the option to Copy over all rows from most recent timesheet. Clicking that hyperlinked text will bring your previous timesheet's rows to your current one. Note that Harvest will not copy the time entered, only the project/task combinations. 

Time entry format

Certain company settings will change how you track time and the appearance of your time entries. Learn more in our article on time settings.

Depending on how Administrators have set up your account:

Keyboard shortcuts

There are a few keyboard shortcuts that can help you fill out your weekly timesheet even faster.

  • To add a new row: Hit the N key on your keyboard.
  • To close the Add row window: Press ESC on your keyboard.
  • To move between different days of the week: Use your tab key.

Tracking to a past or future date

You can enter time for the past or a future date by using the arrows or calendar on your timesheet to navigate to a specific date as long as your timesheet hasn't been locked for the date you'd like to enter time for. 

Editing time in the Week view

Everyone can edit or delete their own unlocked time. Administrators and Managers with special permission to edit time can also edit other people's time by clicking the Teammates button in the upper right corner of the timesheet. Administrators can edit anyone's time while Managers can only edit time for projects they manage and/or their assigned people. 

  • To add or change time for a project/task on a particular day: Click into the field in question and change it. Your timesheet will autosave in a few seconds, or you can manually save it.
  • To delete a week’s worth of time for a project/task: Click the x to the right of the row.

Editing locked time

To edit locked time, Administrators will need to go to the Day view. While Managers can edit unlocked time, they aren't able to unlock time or edit locked time. Learn more about editing time that's been locked via approval, invoicing, or archiving in our article on locked time and expenses.

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