Why am I getting a Large Change Detected warning?

You might occasionally see a message that we’ve detected a large number of changes on your weekly timesheet—when that happens, we’ll disable autosave, a feature that saves your time entries automatically. A large number of changes in just a few seconds can be an indication that a software program has cleared your timesheet. By disabling autosave, we help prevent that from happening.

My entries are gone. How do I get them back?


Instead, reload the page. All of your entries should come back.

Please contact us if your entries don’t return.

I made some changes, but everything is fine. How do I save what I’ve done?

Click Close Warning and then click the Save button in the bottom left corner of the page (next to Add Row). This will manually save your entries and re-enable autosave on your timesheet.

What sort of software could be causing autosave to disable?

Software programs that autofill fields, such as 1Password (which stores password information) or TextExpander (which uses keyboard shortcuts to autofill text), are usually the cause of the issue. It’s also possible that you have an extension or add-on installed on your browser that’s not playing nicely.

Why does autosave keep getting disabled?

We’re looking for a large number of changes in just a few seconds. If you’re adding or editing time quickly, you might trigger this safeguard inadvertently.

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