Why do I keep getting errors on my timesheet?

Sometimes, you might see the following error: “Sorry, but something just went wrong. If this continues, please contact us at support@harvestapp.com and we’ll follow up with you about the problem. Sorry for the trouble!”

If you’re repeatedly getting this error, it could mean that your computer is infected with malicious software. Try running a full antivirus scan on your computer to track down any potential sources of the issue.

Another culprit might be extensions or programs that interact with your browser. The steps below will help you troubleshoot issues with those, but if these solutions don’t work for you, please contact us and let us know what behavior leads to the error and what browser you’re using when it happens.

Browser Add-Ons and Extensions

Browser add-ons and extensions can be very helpful tools, but unfortunately they’re also common targets for malware makers looking to inject ads into your pages or steal your data. Well-intentioned updates to non-malicious add-ons can also have unintended effects on websites such as Harvest.

If you have any add-ons or extensions installed, we recommend disabling all of them and then restarting your browser. If you no longer see errors in Harvest, then it’s likely the problem had something to do with an add-on or extension. If you installed them intentionally, you can re-enable them one at a time until the problem reappears, revealing the identity of the culprit.

Here are instructions for disabling add-ons and extensions in browsers that Harvest supports.


  1. Enter chrome://extensions/ in your address bar.
  2. Uncheck Enabled next to each add-on.
  3. Restart Chrome.


  1. In the menu bar, choose Safari and then Preferences.
  2. Click the Extensions tab.
  3. Uncheck the Enable box for each extension.
  4. Restart Safari.


  1. Click the three-line menu button in the top-right corner and then Add-ons. A new tab will open for managing add-ons.
  2. Click Extensions.
  3. Click the Disable button for each add-on.
  4. Go to the Appearance and Plugins sections and disable add-ons there.
  5. Restart Firefox.

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