Why are the time totals different when viewing different places in my account?

There are a few different reasons you may see inconsistencies related to how time is displayed or how time entries are totaled in your account. One of these is related to how your account is set to display time, which you can read more about in our article on the difference between HH:MM and decimal time display. The other is due to the time rounding preferences for your account. 

When time rounding is turned on, your team’s hours will be automatically rounded on summary reports (under Reports > Time), on the Tasks and Team tabs of project analysis pages, and on new invoices. In these parts of Harvest, each individual time entry is rounded based on the setting you choose before they’re totaled. Rounding isn’t applied to actual time entries on your timesheets or Detailed Time Reports (under Reports > Detailed time). Rounding also isn’t applied to the contractor report.

Time report exports will have one column with unrounded values and one with rounded values to assist you in your reporting, so it may be useful to export Time Reports or Detailed Time Reports to a CSV or Excel file so you can see both the actual hours and the hours rounded.

Administrators can check your account's time rounding preference by heading to Settings (top right) and looking in the Preferences area for your Time rounding setting.

To edit your account's time rounding preferences, click Edit preferences and adjust the Time rounding setting as you'd like. Then scroll down to Save preferences. Note that this is an account-wide setting, so any adjustments here affect the way time is rounded for everyone on the account. 

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