How do I merge/combine two Harvest accounts?

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There isn't a way to automatically merge or copy data from one Harvest account to another. If you’d like to combine data from two accounts, you can export the majority of your data from one account and import it into the second account. 

Once your data is exported, you'll want to ensure it's formatted correctly prior to importing it into your second account. You can find the steps for both in our article on importing and exporting data.

Note: Not every piece of data is able to be imported. For example, you can’t import all of a project’s settings. All new projects included in the import file will be created with the Time & Materials project type. You’ll need to manually make any changes to the project type, as well as settings like billable rates, project fees, budget, people, and tasks.

Also, invoices can't be imported into Harvest, so you would need to recreate the invoices in your second account. 


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