Updating your payment method or billing details

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Changing your payment method

Any Administrator can change the billing method for their account from Billing information, found in the Settings section of your account. Harvest offers the following payment methods:

  • Credit card—available for all accounts.
  • Check or wire transfer via an invoice—available for accounts with 10+ people paying yearly.

The exact options you see for changing your payment method in Billing information will depend on your current payment method:

  • If you currently pay monthly and would like to switch to yearly billing, click the Pay yearly button.
  • If you currently pay yearly and would like to switch to monthly billing, please contact Harvest support within 30 days of your upcoming renewal date.
  • If you currently pay for a yearly account with 10+ seats by credit card and would like to request an invoice to be paid by wire transfer or check, click the Pay by check button.
  • If you currently pay for a yearly account by invoice and would like to pay by credit card, click the Pay by credit card button.

Harvest also offers a free plan. You can find out more about the limitations of the free plan and how to convert from a paid subscription to the free plan in this article: Is there a free version of Harvest?

Updating your billing info

Any Administrator can update an account’s billing address, credit card, and receipt/invoice recipients (depending on how you pay) from the Billing information section of your Settings (top right).

If you pay by credit card and want to update your card on file or your billing address

  1. Head to Settings (top right).
  2. Click the Update credit card button to edit the credit card and billing address details.
  3. Click Save credit card after making any changes.

Note that updating your billing details will prompt your card to go through a flow with our payment processor. During this flow, you'll see the full total for your subscription amount displayed, but you won't be charged again for your subscription until your next billing date. 

If you pay by invoice and want to update your billing address

  1. Head to Settings (top right).
  2. Click the Update billing address button to edit the address that appears on your invoice from Harvest. 
    • Note that the name that appears on the invoice is your company name as set in Settings > Preferences > Company name.
  3. Enter your new address and click Save billing address

Harvest receipts and invoices

If you pay for Harvest by credit card, you’ll receive an emailed receipt for each payment. Yearly accounts with 10+ seats that choose to pay by invoice will receive those via email, as well.

To add additional information to your receipts and subscription invoices, such as a VAT number or your full business name, follow the details in this article: How do I add my company’s tax information to my Harvest subscription receipt or invoice?

Receipt and invoice recipients

Harvest receipts and invoices are sent to the Account Owner and anyone else specified as a receipt recipient. Administrators can add or remove receipt recipients by taking the following steps:

  1. Head to Settings (top right).
  2. Under the Billing information section, in the Receipt recipients area, click the Update recipients button.
  3. Click Save after making changes to the list.

Viewing past receipts 

Harvest receipts are emailed after successful payment and can also be viewed by Administrators at any time from within your account. To view your Harvest receipts:

  1. Head to Settings (top right)
  2. In the Billing information section, find the Subscription plan area and click the See billing history link.
    • Invoices are not displayed in your account.

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