Android app: Overview

The Harvest for Android app is designed primarily for tracking time and expenses on the go. It also has some additional limited functionality, like managing invoices and viewing some reports.

For full Harvest functionality, including updating your account’s settings and subscription, please sign in to your account from a web browser.

Installing and signing in

You can download the app from the Google Play store, sign up for an account, and sign in either with your email address and password or using Google Sign-In. Our signing in article has more details.

If you don’t remember your password, go to in a web browser and click Forgot your password? to request a password reset email.

Tracking time

Our tracking time article has information about entering and editing time and submitting your timesheet for approval.

To make time tracking easier, you can use the favorites feature to quickly select your most frequently used project/task pairs.

Tracking expenses

The Android app is ideal for tracking expenses, since you can take a picture of a receipt with your phone and directly attach it to an expense entry. Find out more about this in our article on tracking expenses.

Managing invoices and payments

Although you can’t create or edit invoices in the iPhone app, you can view them, send them to your clients, record payments, and take a number of other actions. Our managing invoices article has step-by-step instructions.

The invoices features available to you depend on your permission level in the account.

Viewing reports and checking team status

The app can give you some insight into your own time and, if you’re an Administrator, your team members’ time. The viewing reports article explains the reports available in the app.

Administrators can also see other team members’ current or recent timers. The article on checking team status has more information.

Troubleshooting unsynced entries and other issues

If you don’t have internet access or the connection is unstable, you might see some unsynced entries in the app. You can learn more about how to handle those in the unsynced entries article.

We also have a general troubleshooting article with first steps to address any other issues you might experience.

Managing notifications

You might receive push notifications reminding you to track time or letting you know that a client has paid an invoice. Our managing notifications article has details about adjusting your notification settings.

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