Beta Permissions: Team Reports for Managers

This article is for Harvest beta permissions.  The beta program is available to team accounts who opted in. If you're looking for information on team reports for a non-beta account, you can find that in the Team section of our regular Help Center.

With beta permissions, Managers can report on time and expenses tracked by people assigned to projects they manage AND time and expenses tracked by their assigned people. We'll cover how Managers report on their assigned people in this article. If you'd like to learn about how Managers can report on projects they manage, see our article on Beta Permissions:  Project reports for Managers

What can Managers with assigned people do?

All Managers with assigned people can:

  • Report on and approve time and expenses for their assigned people. 
  • View their team's progress from Team.
  • Edit some basic information in the user profiles of their assigned people (First Name, Last Name, Timezone). 
  • Resend the invitation to join the Harvest account to their assigned people. 

Manager reporting from Team Overview

The Team Overview allows Managers to quickly see how their assigned team members are doing each week, including how much time they’ve tracked and how that compares to their capacity. Only Managers with assigned people will have access to the Team Overview.

You can get to this section by clicking Team in your navigation menu.

Note that if an Administrator has turned on time rounding for the account, the time data here will be rounded according to your account settings.

image of Team view for Managers

Timeframe and filters

The Team Overview shows you a week at a time, and you can use the arrow buttons at the top left to navigate to different weeks. Once you navigate to a past week, you’ll also see a Return to this week link that you can use to quickly jump back to the current week.

By default, Managers will see all of their assigned people in the Team Overview. To only see certain people, click the Everyone dropdown to filter by pins or roles. If you have a lot of roles and would rather not scroll through the list to find the one you’re looking for, start typing the first few letters of it to narrow down the list.

  • If you’ve already pinned people from their Actions dropdowns, you can select My pins here to see only those team members.
  • If your team already has roles assigned, you can select a role here to see only the team members associated with it. Only Administrators can edit and assign roles. 

Summary information

At the top of the Team Overview, you’ll see the total time your assigned people have tracked so far this week and their total capacity. There’s also information about how much of that time is billable vs. non-billable and a visual indicator of how much of the total capacity has been used. If your account uses rounding, the time data here will be rounded according to your settings.

Team member information

The list of people is divided into Employees and Contractors, if you have both types of team members in your account. Each person has a dot to the left of their name, with blue indicating that they currently have a timer running and gray indicating that they don’t. Administrators have an Admin label to the right of their name, Managers have a Manager label, and Members have no label. 

For each person, you can see their total time tracked so far this week, their capacity, and how much of their time is billable. If your account uses rounding, the time data here will be rounded according to your settings. There’s also a visual indicator of their billable (darker color) and non-billable (lighter color) time relative to their capacity. This bar is blue as long as they’re under or at their capacity, and it will turn red when they exceed their capacity. This can help you quickly see if someone is working more than expected, especially if they consistently have a red bar as you navigate through a number of weeks.

You can click a person’s name to go to their Person Page, which breaks down their total time by day of the week, project, and task and displays their full timesheet for the week.

Each person also has an Actions dropdown with a few different options:

  • Edit will take you to their user profile, where you can edit which projects they’re assigned to (only for projects you manage), their name and email address, their permissions, and resend their invitation to join the account.
  • If you select Pin, they’ll be moved to the top of your Team Overview so you can see their information without having to scroll. Once you’ve pinned people, you can filter the Team Overview to show only your pinned team members using the Everyone dropdown at the top right. When you’re approving time and expenses (in Time > Pending Approval), you can also filter that page to show only your pinned team members.

If you have archived team members, you’ll see a View Archived People button at the top right of the page. Click that button to see the list of archived people. Only Administrators can Archive, Restore, and Delete people. 



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