Beta Permissions: How can I join or quit the beta?

Harvest is offering a beta program (known as beta permissions), which is a limited release of new permission options that allow teams to use new features before they’re available to the entire Harvest customer base. Below, you'll find more info on the beta permissions program as well as steps for how to join.

Harvest beta permissions give teams more flexibility by expanding options for the mid-level permission. Managers (formerly Project Managers) in accounts with beta permissions turned on can now have assigned people, edit time and expenses, create estimates, and manage clients and tasks in the account. They also have expanded access to invoices. For full details about our beta permissions, see Beta Permissions:  An overview of what's new.  

How to join the beta

Administrators in accounts with three or more people will see an in-app announcement about the beta. 

image of in-app beta announcement

To join the beta:

  1. Any Administrator can click Learn more to participate in the in-app announcement. 
  2. Take a few moments to review what's new on the information page.
  3. If you'd like to join the beta, click the green Turn on beta features now or Turn on beta button.
    • Note that clicking these buttons will immediately turn on the beta for the entire account, so please ensure you're ready for the entire account to have access to beta permissions before clicking. 

You can view in-depth information about beta permissions in the Beta Permissions section of our Help Center.  We recommend sharing the link to this Help Center section with other Administrators and Project Managers in your account. 

How to quit the beta

As soon as the beta is enabled, you'll see a flag at the bottom left of all pages in your Harvest account. 

screenshot of beta enabled flag

To quit the beta:

  1. Any Administrator can click into the Beta features enabled!  Learn more... flag. 
  2. Click Start process to turn off beta features
  3. Take a moment to review what will happen when the beta is turned off. 
  4. Please leave us some feedback about why you're quitting the beta.
  5. Click Turn off beta and submit answers.

What happens when you turn off the beta

When you turn off beta features, everyone in your account will lose access to them. You will not be able to turn on beta features again. Your teammates’ beta permission will revert to a parallel non-beta permission:

  • Members in beta will convert to Regular Users in non-beta. There will be no change to what they can access.
  • Managers in beta will convert to Project Managers in non-beta. They will lose access to beta features they were granted, including the ability to have assigned people, edit other people’s time, edit clients and tasks, and access non-draft invoices for their projects.
  • Administrators in beta will convert to Administrators in non-beta. They will lose the ability to grant teammates access to beta features.


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