Beta Permissions: How to send feedback about the beta

We're so grateful you're interested in sharing some feedback about beta permissions with us. We value your feedback about the beta, and anything you care to share with us will have a big impact on how we approach the public launch of our new permissions features. Thanks in advance for your help! 

Sending feedback about beta permissions

If your account has beta features enabled, there are two buttons available to send feedback to our team:

  • Click the Beta features enabled! Learn more... button in the bottom left of any page in your Harvest account. When Administrators and Managers click that link, they'll be directed to a beta education page with a green Send feedback button. Clicking that button will open up a page where you can begin sending feedback to the beta team. 
  • A Send feedback link also appears when Administrators or Managers are viewing the Permissions tab of their own profile, or the Permissions or Assigned people tabs of other people's profiles.

Note that while Regular Users will be able to access the beta education page, they won't be able to send us feedback about the beta, because their access to Harvest isn't changed with beta permissions. 

What to do if you have questions or need help?

If you have a question or an emergency, please write to us directly via our Contact Form. Feedback submitted via the in-app feedback form will not necessarily receive a reply.


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