Beta Permissions: Time and expense reports for Managers

This article is for Harvest beta permissions.  The beta program is available to team accounts who opted in. If you're looking for information on time and expense reports for a non-beta account, you can find that in the Reports section of our regular Help Center.

With beta permissions, Managers can report on projects they manage and their assigned people. In addition to the project and team reports, Managers can also view time and expense reports. 

Summary Time Report

image showing view from Reports > Time

Reports > Time has a summary panel that shows your team’s Hours, Billable hours, Billable amount, and Uninvoiced amount for the timeframe displayed.

Below the summary is a table with time information organized into four tabs: Clients, Projects, Tasks, and Team.

Note that only Managers with permission to view rates will see billable amounts in the Time Report.

Detailed Time and Expense Reports

Reports > Detailed Time and Reports > Expense show hours or expenses by date and entry.

Managers can run Detailed Time and Expense Reports for projects they manage, their assigned people, or for themselves if they don't manage any projects or have assigned people. 

  1. Go to Reports > Detailed Time or Reports > Expense.

  2. Choose a Timeframe.

  3. Filter the clients/projects/people/etc. you want to see in the report with the input boxes.

    • You can choose more than one filter.
    • Reports will include archived information automatically, but you’ll need to check the box next to Include archived items in filters if you want to specifically select archived items, such as archived teammates, in your report filters.
    • Click Search roles to filter by Roles instead of Team.
  4. Click Run report.

From the Show menu, you can filter your report by invoiced and uninvoiced hours or expenses, or billable and non-billable hours or expenses. You can also change the grouping of your report via the Group by menu.

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