How do I invoice for my Fixed Fee project?

To invoice for a fixed fee project, go to Invoices and click + New invoice. Then, select your client from the dropdown. Next to Invoice type, choose to Create an invoice for tracked time, expenses, or fixed fees. Then, click Choose projects.


After choosing the project(s) you want to invoice for and any billable expenses you want to include, click Review invoice.

You’ll be dropped into an invoice where your project’s total fee will be pulled into a line item. You can edit the invoice’s line items, add rows, or reorder them. If you’ll be creating multiple invoices for your fixed fee project, the Project Context feature will come in handy.

image of a Harvest invoice that shows project context in use

When everything looks good, click Save invoice. You can send your invoice to your client right away, or keep it as a draft and send it later.

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