New permissions: What's new for Administrators?

This article is in reference to new Harvest permissions, being released the week of March 14, 2022. 

While there aren't any changes to the access Administrators have in Harvest with the new permissions, there are a few things Administrators should be aware of with the permissions updates:

  • Harvest permissions titles are different.
  • You can give your teammates with the mid-level permission in Harvest more access. For full details on this please see New permissions: An overview of what's new.
  • The flow of inviting a person to join your Harvest account is new.
  • There are updates to the tabs you see when viewing your teams' user profiles. 

Read on for more specifics about these updates to your account. 

New permissions titles

We've renamed what we call the different permissions levels in Harvest:

  • Regular Users are now Members.
  • Project Managers are now just Managers
  • Administrators keep the same title.

New invite flow

We've updated the form used to invite new people to your team. You'll see that instead of a single, long form to submit each time you invite someone that we've broken this down into 4 smaller steps:

  • Invite teammate form:  Here you'll enter a person's basic information such as First Name, Last Name, Work Email, and whether or not they're an Employee or Contractor. You can also add a person's roles, capacity, and rates during this step, or you can add those later in the person's profile.
  • Permissions form:  This is where you'll assign a person's permissions. For full details on Harvest permissions you can view Team permissions.
  • Assign projects form:  This is where you can assign your teammates to any projects they need to be able to track time and expenses to. Click into the Find and select projects to assign... box to start making project assignments.
  • Assign people form:  If you assign a person Manager permissions, you'll be able to make people assignments to that person here. Click into the Find and select people to assign... field to start making people assignments. 

New user profile menu

Along with updates to our permissions structure, we also wanted to make it easier to assign your Managers to projects and to make people assignments for your Managers. 

You'll see this change when you view a person's profile. To access a person's profile, head to Team and select Actions > Edit next to a person whose profile you'd like to view. 

You'll see that there are now 5 tabs in this view:


  • The Basic info tab is where you can update a person's name, email address, roles, rates, etc. The only change to this tab is that it no longer includes a person's permissions. 
  • The Assigned projects tab used to just be called Projects. This is still where you'll assign your teammates to projects. You can also make project manager assignments here. 
  • The Assigned people tab is new, and this is where you can assign people to your teammates with Manager permissions. 
  • The Permissions tab is new, and is now separate from the Basic info tab. This is where you'll assign and update permissions for your team. 
  • The Security tab remains the same and is a place where Administrators and some Managers can re-send the invitation to join the account.

If you'd like to learn more about how the permissions updates affect your teammates with other permission levels, you can check out the following articles:

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