Ways to Bill Your Project

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Harvest has two types of billable projects, Time & Materials and Fixed Fee. You can see more information on them here.

Fixed Fee projects bill a fixed amount, no matter how much time is tracked. Enter your Fee on your project and you can bill part of or all of your fee whenever you're ready.

On the other hand, the amount billed for Time & Materials projects will depend on how much time you track—the more time tracked, the more you bill.

Setting Hourly Rates for Time & Materials Projects

When you create or edit a Time & Materials project, you'll choose an Hourly Rates option and then enter the rates you want to charge your clients. This tells Harvest what rates to apply to your tracked time. 

There are three types of hourly rates you can choose from:

  • Task hourly rate – Allows you to enter a different hourly rate for each task. For example, you can have a project that charges $100/hour for writing and $150/hour for development. Scroll down to the Tasks section of the project form to edit your default task rates.

  • Person hourly rate – Allows you to enter a different hourly rate for each person. For example, Jane may charge $125/hour, and Joe may charge $100/hour. Scroll down to the Team section of the project form to choose between using a person’s default rates or a project-specific custom rate.

  • Project hourly rate – Tracks one hourly rate for the entire project. For example, no matter who works on what, you’ll charge $100/hour.

Once your project is set up for billing and you're ready to invoice, head over to our article on How to Create an Invoice 🎦 for more information on that! 

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