Information about our billing system transition

Harvest is in the process of updating its billing system and transitioning to a new payment processor. We will be rolling out the new system over several months and we’re excited to get an improved billing experience into the hands of our customers. 

Read on to find out which system your account is using and where to find billing help. Note that if you have more than one Harvest account, some of them may be on the updated system while others are still on the older system. 

How do I know which billing system my account is on?

Any Administrator in the account can check this in Settings (top right). In the Current plan area of the Billing page, accounts on the older system will have a v1 icon (meaning version 1) and accounts on the updated system will have a v2 icon (meaning version 2), as shown below:



The articles here in our Help Center also have a flag at the top letting you know if they’re for the updated billing system or the older billing system.

Why does it matter?

The updated billing system has a slightly different look, some new options, and different steps to make billing changes in your account. Knowing which system your account is using will help you find the correct documentation in our Help Center.

Where do I find the correct documentation?

View version 1 billing documentation

View version 2 billing documentation

When will my account be moved to the new billing system? Can I choose not to switch?

We're moving accounts to the updated system in batches based on a number of factors and are not able to give an exact timeline for when a specific account will be moved.

We can’t delay an account’s transition to the updated system or, once moved, change it back to the older system.

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