Managing expense categories

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Manage expense categories from Manage > Expense categories. Expense categories must be added before you can track expenses from Timesheets > Expenses.

Enabling expenses

If you don't see Manage > Expense categories or Timesheets > Expenses, you first need to enable the expense tracking module:

  1. Click Settings (upper right corner).

    • Only Administrators can view and change Account Settings.
  2. In the Modules section, click Choose modules.

  3. Check the Expense tracking box.

  4. Click the Save modules button.

Adding an expense category

  1. Go to Manage > Expense categories and click New category.

  2. Enter the name of your category.

  3. If your category has a unit price, check the box beside This expense has a unit price.

    • A unit price can be anything you’d like, such as $0.50 per mile or $1 per copy. You’ll track the related expense by quantity (e.g., 2 miles, 5 copies) rather than by price. Harvest will automatically calculate the total price of all units tracked.
  4. Click Save category.

Tracking expenses

Our article on tracking expenses has more information.

Editing, archiving, and deleting expense categories

Editing expense categories

You can edit expense categories under Manage > Expense categories by clicking the Edit button next to the category name.

Updates to the name will apply to both existing and future expense entries for the category.

Updates to the unit price for an expense category will only automatically apply to future entries tracked to the category. However, editing and then resaving an existing expense, without making any changes, will apply the new unit price to that expense entry. 

Archiving expense categories

You can archive an expense category under Manage > Expense categories by clicking the Archive button next to the category name.

Here’s how archiving will affect your account:

  • Once you archive an expense category, you cannot track any more expenses to it.
  • All expenses that were already tracked to the archived category remain intact.
  • You can edit any expense entry tracked to an archived category.

Restoring expense categories

You can restore an archived expense category at any time. To do so:

  1. Head to Manage > Expense categories.
  2. Click the View archived categories link in the upper right.
  3. Click Restore next to any archived category.

Deleting expense categories

Expense categories can be deleted only if no expenses have been tracked to them. Deleted expense categories cannot be restored. To delete an expense:

  1. Make sure all expense entries using the expense category are deleted.
  2. Go to Manage > Expense categories and click the Delete button next to the expense name.

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