How does Harvest approach accessibility?

Our stance on accessibility

As part of our Design Principles, we strive to meet AA accessibility standards where possible.

We believe that Harvest should help enable people with disabilities to perceive, understand, navigate, interact with, and contribute to the web through using our products.

In general, our products should be easy to get around with a keyboard. We strive to create legible experiences by using appropriately-sized type, and high contrast in our designs. Accessibility is a constant requirement, one that we’re never “done” with.

How we do accessibility

  • We perform general usability scans using axe or Lighthouse on both desktop and mobile viewports.
  • We use semantic markup when writing HTML.
  • We strive to ensure color contrast passes WCAG 2 level AA standards when possible.
  • Purely decorative elements will be hidden from assistive technology.
  • We provide a “skip to main content” link at the top of each page, so people can skip repetitive navigation links.
  • We test views with keyboards and screen readers: VoiceOver (macOS and iOS), NVDA (Windows), Talkback (Android).

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