Purchase orders FAQ

You may be wondering about how to get a PO number added to an invoice you received from Harvest or how to add a PO number to an invoice you'll be sending to your client. Read below for the answers to our most common FAQ. 

Can you add a PO number to the invoice you sent me for my Harvest subscription?

Sure thing! Just send your PO number or the purchase order itself to our Support team and we will be happy to add that information to your invoice and resend it. Contact Harvest Support.

Can I add a PO number to an invoice I'm sending to my client?

Each invoice has a PO Number field. You can add a PO number to that field when creating or editing an invoice. 

Can I attach a PO to my client's project?

It is not possible to attach files to a project. However, you can add information related to a client's purchase order in the Notes field for a project.

If the project type is Fixed Fee you can also view details about the project Notes when invoicing. For more information see Getting project context when invoicing Fixed Fee projects.

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