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If the time you track often lines up with the events in your Google or Calendar, integrating your calendar app with Harvest will allow you to use those events to populate new time entry information on the Day View of your timesheet. If you have multiple calendars within your calendar app, such as one for the whole company and one for your smaller team, you can even use events from all of those calendars.

You can also use the calendar integration with our Harvest for iPhone app.

Integrating your Google Calendar or Calendar

There are two ways to integrate your calendar with Harvest:

  • When you click New Entry in your Time section, a “drawer” will open on the left showing the two options. Click one of them and complete the authorization process. Please ensure that you’re on the Day View of your timesheet, since the drawer won’t display on the Week view.
  • Click your name at the top right and select My Profile, then go to your profile’s Security tab. In the Integrations section, click Connect for the option you want and complete the authorization process. You can connect this way even if you’ve dismissed the calendar integration drawer on your timesheet.

Note that you can only connect either a Google or an account, not both. If you start using one service and want to switch to the other one, please first disconnect the current integration in the Integrations section of your profile.

When you connect your calendar to Harvest, you grant us access to your calendars and events. We store calendar and event identifiers related to time tracked on Harvest as well as recurring event identifiers.

Creating new time entries from your calendar

Once you’ve connected your calendar app, you’ll be able to quickly create new time entries from your calendar events.

  1. Click the New Time Entry button on the Day view of your timesheet to open a “drawer” with the current day’s calendar events.
    • The calendar drawer won’t display on the Week view.
    • If you have multiple calendars, you can switch between them at the top of the calendar drawer. For Google Calendar, the dropdown will show only calendars that are visible in Google Calendar itself. For Calendar, the dropdown will show all calendars you have access to.
  2. Click the calendar event you’d like to create a time entry for.
    • All-day events and declined events won't be shown.
    • Harvest will add the event title to the new time entry’s notes and populate the entry’s duration or start and end time fields (depending on your Harvest account settings) based on the event’s start and end times. If it’s a recurring event and you’ve already tracked time to a previous event in the series, Harvest will also remember the last project and task you used.
  3. Select the relevant project and task if needed, edit anything else you’d like, and click Save Entry to add the new time entry to your timesheet.

Once you’ve created a time entry based on a calendar event, that event will be grayed out in the drawer and can’t be used to make more time entries going forward. If you delete the connected time entry, the calendar event will be available again for creating a new time entry.

You can also create new time entries from your calendar using our Harvest for iPhone app. Instructions for that can be found here. Please note that at this time, the iPhone app doesn’t remember a recurring event’s project and task and doesn’t support multiple calendars.

Disconnecting the calendar integration

To disconnect your Google or Calendar account from your Harvest account:

  1. Click your name at the top right of your Harvest account and select My Profile.
  2. Go to your profile’s Security tab.
  3. In the Integrations section, click Disconnect for the connected calendar account.

This will cause Harvest to disable the connection on our end. Any time entries created from calendar events will remain in your Harvest account. To officially revoke access, you may also want to take any relevant steps within your Google or Calendar account.

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