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You can customize how time entries are displayed on your timesheet using HH:MM or decimal format, choose to track entries using duration or start and end times, set your account to use a 12-hour or 24-hour clock, and change the first day of the week on timesheets. Only Administrators can change these account-wide settings.

To make changes to your account's timesheet settings:

  1. Click Settings (upper right corner).
  2. Click Edit preferences.
  3. Along with other settings here, you can change the following:
    • Start week on: Select Saturday, Sunday, or Monday as the first day of your week.
    • Time format: Choose whether you use a 12-hour or 24-hour clock
    • Time display: Choose whether time displays in decimal format (e.g., 2 hours and 15 minutes appears as 2.25) or as HH:MM (e.g., 2 hours and 15 minutes appears as 2:15). Note that HH:MM shows on timesheets only; on reports and invoices, time always appears in decimal format for greater precision.
    • Timer mode: Track time via duration or via start and end times. If you choose the start and end times option, those timestamps will also be displayed on detailed time reports and on invoices with detailed line items. Note that the Week timesheet view can only be used to add and edit time entries if time is tracked via duration.

      The New Timer entry form when Timer Mode is set to Duration.     The New Timer entry form when Timer Mode is set to Start and Stop Times.
  4. Save preferences.

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