Projects Overview

Harvest makes it easy for you to stay on top of your projects’ budgets, profits, costs, and trends.

It starts with the Projects Overview. Here, you can search for projects by name, code, or client, monitor budgets, filter projects, edit or archive projects, and more. You can get here by clicking Projects in your navigation menu:

Projects Overview

Think of this page as your command center for managing all of your projects in Harvest. The budget bars let you check on your projects’ progress at a glance. Here’s a breakdown of how they work:

Budget bar graph explanation

Blue shows how much of the budget has been burned—and as your project progresses, the blue will grow until it hits the budget. Once the project is over budget, you’ll see a red bar grow. We hope you see more blue and less red!

Find the projects you’re looking for

Even if you have a long list of projects, there are a few different ways to find the particular project or projects you’re interested in:

  • Filter: By default, the Projects Overview shows you all active projects. You can use the filter menus (top left of your Projects Overview page) to see subsets of your projects.
    • Use the Project Status filter (All Active Projects by default) to view active projects, projects with a budget set up, or archived projects.
    • Use the Client filter to view only projects for a specific client.
    • Use the Manager filter to view only projects managed by a specific Project Manager or Admin. Note that only Administrators will see the Manager filter, and only if there are at least two people who can manage projects.

Project Filters

  • Search: If you want to get to one specific project quickly, try using the super fast project search. Start typing the client name, project code, or project name, and the options will be narrowed down. The search box stays in the top right corner throughout your Projects section—so once you click into a project, you can quickly jump to another one with search!

Project Search

  • Pin: Click a project’s Actions dropdown and select Pin to keep that project at the top of your list, regardless of alphabetical order. You can pin up to 100 projects.

Who can see what in the Projects Overview?

Here are a few key things to know about who can see what on this page, broken down by permissions level.

Regular Users will see:

  • Assigned projects that have been set to Show project report to everyone on the project (see this article for more information on this setting).
  • Only hour-based budget information for those projects, never fee-based data.
  • Potentially nothing! This section will appear empty to Regular Users who aren’t able to see any project reports. They’ll still be able to track time to their assigned projects over in the Time section.

Project Managers will see:

  • All of the projects they manage.
  • Assigned projects they do not manage that have been set to Show project report to everyone on the project (see this article for more information on this setting).
  • Normally only hour-based budget information for those projects, but they can see fee-based budget information for projects they manage if they have the optional View billable rates and amount permission (see this article for more information on this setting).

Administrators will see:

  • All of the account’s projects, even any projects they haven’t been assigned to.
  • All budget information for all projects.
  • Total project costs—only Administrators can see cost rates and total project costs.

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