Archiving, restoring, and deleting projects

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If your team isn't actively working on a project, you can archive it to retain its data or delete it from your account permanently. You can also restore an archived project to make it active again. All of these actions are available in the Projects section.

If your Harvest account is linked to Forecast, the archived or active status of a project will sync to the other platform. Deleting a project, however, won't sync. If you want to delete the project in both apps, please do that manually.

Archive a project

How archiving affects data

  • Archiving does not delete data. The project’s time and expenses will be retained, and you can still invoice for and report on it.
  • You cannot track time to an archived project.
  • You cannot edit an archived project. To edit it, you must restore it.
  • You can view an archived project’s Analysis page at any time.
  • You can also duplicate an archived project.

How to archive a project

  1. Go to Projects.
  2. Click the Actions dropdown for the project and select Archive.

Restore a project

Restoring an archived project will make it active in your account so that time and expenses can be tracked to it.

  1. Go to Projects.

  2. You can find your archived project in one of two ways:

    • Search for the project by name or client with the search bar in the top right.
    • Use the dropdown filter in the top left of your project list to view only archived projects.
  3. Once you find your project, click the Restore button that appears to its right.

Delete a project

Deleting a project will also delete any time and expenses tracked to the project, and any linked retainers. Invoices whose line items are linked to the project will lose those links, but the invoices themselves won’t be deleted or affected in any way.

Deleting is permanent and there’s no undo. However, if you’ve deleted something by accident, please contact us at immediately, as in some cases we may be able to help. If you just want to hide the project, we recommended archiving it instead.

You can delete any project by following these steps:

  1. Go to Projects.
  2. Click the Actions dropdown for the project and select Delete.
  3. To confirm, type YOLO and click on Delete to delete the project and all time, expenses, and retainers linked to it.

Projects linked to Forecast

When a Harvest project is linked between Harvest and Forecast, the following actions will occur when archiving, restoring, or deleting a project in Harvest:

  • Archiving a project in Harvest will archive its linked project in Forecast.
  • Restoring a project in Harvest will restore its linked project in Forecast.
  • Deleting a project in Harvest will not delete its linked project in Forecast. However, the project in Forecast will no longer be linked to a project in Harvest.

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