Budget email alerts

When you set a project budget, you can also choose to receive an email alert when you reach a certain percentage of that budget. This can help your team keep a close eye on the project and its budget going forward.

Setting up project budget email alerts

To set or edit budget email alerts, head to Projects, click the Actions menu for the project, and choose Edit. On the edit page, look for the Budget dropdown in the Project type section.

% of budget, and enter your preferred threshold percentage.

Who receives project budget emails

Your permissions setting will determine whether you receive a budget email.

  • Members receive budget emails only if:
    • they are on the project,
    • the project budgets in hours (not fees),
    • and the project-specific permissions are set to Show project report to everyone on this project.
  • Managers who can view rates always receive budget emails for projects they manage.
  • Managers who cannot view rates receive budget emails for projects they manage, if the project budgets in hours (not fees).
  • Administrators who aren't set to manage the project will receive budget emails only if no one else is designated as a manager of the project.

When project budget emails are sent

Budget emails are sent the morning after a project goes over the percentage threshold you set.

  • Let’s say your team goes over budget today. An email will be generated at 3:00 a.m. Eastern (US) time.
  • After that, emails for regular budgets will be sent every week until the project is archived, someone turns off the budget alert, or the budget is updated so that you’re no longer going over. For projects with monthly budgets, email alerts will only go out once per month.

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