Making people assignments for Managers

This article is for Administrators. Learn more about permissions. If you’re a Member, check out our Member resources.


Team members with Manager permissions can be be assigned a group of people for whom they can approve time and expenses and report on. Only Administrators can make people assignments.  

  1. Head to Team and click Actions > Edit next to the person you'd like to update. 
  2. From the Assigned people tab, click into the Find and select people to assign... field. You can type a person's name or scroll through the list of names to select. 
  3. When you've finished selecting all of the people for this person to manage, click Assign people

Once a Manager has assigned people, they'll be able to:

  • Approve timesheets for their assigned people.
  • View their assigned people from the Team overview page (Team).
  • Report on their assigned people's time from Reports > Time  and Reports > Detailed time
  • Report on their assigned people's expenses from Reports > Detailed expense.
  • Edit some basic information in the user profiles of their assigned people (First Name, Last Name, Timezone). 
  • Resend the invitation to join the Harvest account to their assigned people. 


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