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This article is for Administrators and some Managers. Learn more about permissions. If you’re a Member, check out our Member resources.

Administrators and Managers with special invoicing permission can access Invoices > Overview to view summary data about the invoices in your account. 

Note that Managers won't see the summary/graph data at the top of the page. They will only see the Open and All invoices tabs.

Summary data

At the top of the invoices overview page, we show summary data to help you understand month-to-month invoicing trends and general invoicing information.

All of the summary data includes only your default company currency, selected in your Settings (top right). If you have invoices in a currency other than your default account currency, they are not included in the summary data.

Summary numbers

We show two summary numbers at the top of overview:  Total open and Total paid.

Total open

  • This amount includes all existing, unpaid amounts (for draft, sent, or late invoices).
  • It includes all invoice types (retainers, recurring, and regular invoices).
  • It includes open amounts for all time.

Total paid amount

  • This amount includes all payments made to invoices issued in the current year (or the current fiscal year if one if set for your account). It does not include payments made this year to invoices issued in past years.
  • It excludes retainer deposits, because these amounts are not usually considered revenue.

Summary graph

We display a graph at the top of invoices overview, which shows your invoiced amounts month-to- month. 

The graph supports only the default company currency, selected under your account Settings (top right). If invoices exist in other currencies, they will not be accounted for in the graph.

The monthly bars

If invoices were issued in a specific month, a bar appears above that month. Its height corresponds to the full amount of open plus paid invoices issued in that month. It excludes retainer deposits and written off amounts. That bar is broken into two portions: the open amount and the paid amount.

The open amount, which appears as the light green portion of the bar, includes the total amount of unpaid invoices issued that month, excluding retainer deposits. 

The paid amount, which appears as a dark green portion of the bar, includes the total amount paid for invoices issued that month, excluding retainer deposits

The invoice table

The invoice table displays invoices created in your account. It is broken into two tabs: the Open tab and the All invoices tab.

The Open tab

The Open tab displays all open invoices. An open invoice is defined as any created invoice that is not fully paid, including draft, sent, and late invoices, and partially paid invoices that have a remaining balance. 

Retainer invoices (those which fund a retainer) appear in the invoice list with a retainer label.

The all invoices tab

The All invoices tab includes all invoices ever created in the account. 

Sorting columns

All columns except the status column are sortable. To sort, click the column header you'd like to sort by. If you click the same column header again, the sort order will reverse.


You can filter your invoice list by going to the All invoices invoices tab. Here, you will find three filters:  status, client, and timeframe.

  • Status:  Using the status filter, you can filter your invoice list to view all, open, closed, draft, sent, or late invoices.
  • Client:  Using the client filter, you can filter your invoice list to view invoices for a specific client. In the client dropdown, you'll see a list of all clients in your account, split into active clients and archived clients, then sorted in alphabetical order. A client will appear in this list even if no invoice has been created for them.
  • Timeframe:  Using the timeframe filter, you can filter your invoice list to view invoices in a specific month, quarter, year, or all time.


We offer totals at the bottom of your invoice list.

  • The totals list each currency separately.
  • The Open tab shows a total for the balance column.
  • The All invoices tab shows totals for the amount, written-off, paid and balance columns.
  • The Total for all pages amount in the All invoices tab includes tax. Tax amounts are broken down below the Total for all pages amounts, including a Total excluding tax.
  • The Total for all pages amount in the All invoices tab does not include retainer deposit amounts. Retainer deposits (used to fund a retainer) are totaled separately at the bottom of your invoice list.



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