Timesheet submission reports

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If you'd like to review who has and has not submitted their timesheet for a particular week, there are a few places you can look. 

For full details on timesheet approval, see our articles on  Timesheet approval and Timesheet approval FAQ.

Viewing unsubmitted timesheets

Time > Unsubmitted shows, per week, all of the people who have not submitted their timesheet. Use the This week dropdown to select a specific week.

Viewing submitted timesheets that have not yet been approved

In Time > Pending approval, you can use the Sort by dropdown at the top left to group the pending time and expenses by Week, Projects, or People.

Filtering submitted timesheets

You can filter the Time > Pending approval view to see only certain people or projects. Click the Everyone dropdown at the top right, then select:

  • My pinned teammates to show only time and expenses tracked by people you’ve pinned in the Team Overview.
  • My pinned projects to show only time and expenses tracked to projects you’ve pinned in the Projects overview.
  • My assigned people to show only your assigned people. Only Managers with assigned people will see this option. 
  • A role to show only time and expenses tracked by people assigned to that role

Viewing approved timesheets

Head to Time > Approved to view all approved timesheets for the account. You'll see a row for each week as well as a dropdown to the right where you can chosee a specific person you'd like to view approved timesheets for. 



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