How do I view which invoice a time entry is included on?

This article is for Administrators and some Managers. Learn more about permissions. If you’re a Member, check out our Member resources.

Administrators and Managers with special permission can see the invoice ID for a time entry in a custom export of the time report, detailed time report, or contractor report. To export a report showing the invoice ID for a time entry:

  1. Head to Reports > TimeReports > Detailed TIme, or Reports > Contractor
  2. Set your filters and run the report. 
  3. Choose Export > Custom
  4. Select your export type (CSV or Excel). 
  5. Drag and drop to choose which columns to include/exclude from the export. 
  6. Click Export

Note:  You'll only see an associated invoice ID for time entries for Time & Materials projects which were automatically pulled onto an invoice when it was created. You will not see an associated invoice ID for time entries for Fixed Fee projects or entries that were manually added to an invoice. 


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