Can I apply multiple taxes to an invoice?

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It is possible to apply more than one tax rate to an invoice. You can do this manually when creating or editing an invoice, or you can set two default tax rates for your account that will be automatically available for selection on each invoice line item. It's also possible to translate the labels for your taxes to use the terminology you prefer. 

Enabling two tax rates when creating or editing an invoice

  1. On your draft invoice, select Apply tax to invoice and enter a rate in the Tax field (if a default tax is not already applied).
  2. Click the Apply another link. 
  3. Enter your Tax 2 rate. 
  4. Choose which line items you'd like to apply each tax rate to by selecting or deselecting the boxes in the Tax and Tax 2 columns (see screenshot below). 
  5. Save invoice. 

Setting multiple default taxes for your invoices

If you regularly apply the same tax rates to your invoices, you can save your rates as defaults that are automatically available to be applied to line items on your invoices. 

  1. Head to Invoices > Configure > Default values
  2. Set the default rate for your first Tax, if necessary. 
  3. Click the Enable second tax link. 
  4. Enter the rate for your Second tax.
  5. Choose a Simple or Compound Taxation mode
  6. Save default values.

Translating the labels for your taxes

If you live in a region that uses different terminology, or if you want to apply fees to your invoices that are not taxes, you can translate the labels for the Tax and Tax 2 fields on your invoices. 

  1. Head to Invoices > Configure > Translations
  2. Update the Tax and/or Tax 2 fields with your preferred label. 
  3. Scroll down to Save translations


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