Browser extension troubleshooting

Here are some steps for troubleshooting common issues with the Google Chrome extension, Microsoft Edge extension, and Mozilla Firefox extension.

Can’t sign in or connect

If you used a Gmail or Google Workspace email address, you can use the Sign In with Google button for one-click sign-in. Or, click the Sign In button to be directed to

Note that your email and password must be an exact character-for-character match with the email and password set up for your Harvest ID. Capitalization is especially important for your password. If you’re copying and pasting these values, make sure you didn’t accidentally include a trailing space.

Can’t track time

Your timesheet or project may be locked, preventing you from tracking time. Sign in to Harvest and check your timesheet for the week—locked time will show a small lock icon to the right of the entry.

You can learn more about unlocking timesheets in our article about How to unlock time and expenses.

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