Mozilla Firefox extension

The Harvest Firefox extension allows you to track time from Mozilla Firefox and within popular project management tools.

Downloading the Firefox extension

  1. Open your Mozilla Firefox web browser, or download it here.
  2. Download the Harvest Firefox extension.

Using the Firefox extension

  1. Click the Harvest icon in the Firefox toolbar to open a timer dialog.
    • You can also use a shift + alt + H keyboard shortcut to open the extension.
  2. If you’re not signed in to Harvest, you’ll be prompted to sign in.
  3. Choose a project and task for your timer.
  4. Click Start timer or manually enter time and click Save.

When a timer is running in Harvest, the toolbar icon will be colored orange. You can stop a running timer by clicking the orange icon and clicking Stop timer.

In addition to the on-the-fly time tracking provided in the Firefox toolbar, you can also track time right from Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and GitHub using the extension. 

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