Signing in and switching accounts

Use our Harvest ID authentication system to sign in to your account and switch between accounts. If you're looking for information on how to update your password, please see our article on changing your password

Signing in to your Harvest account

To sign in, head to or open one of our associated apps. You can enter your email address and password or, if you have a Google-based email address, choose to sign in using Google. If your team requires signing in with Google, then you’ll only be able to sign in with your Google account.

For the Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browser extension, you should be automatically signed in if you’re already signed in to Harvest ID in the browser. If not, click the Sign in button to be directed to

Signing in with Google

If you use a Gmail or Google Workspace email address, you can use the Sign in with Google button for one-click sign-in. As long as you stay signed in to your Google account (and don’t manually sign out of Harvest), you’ll also stay signed in to Harvest.

Require signing in with Google

If you’re an Administrator, you can require that your team signs in to Harvest using their Google account. To require signing in using Google:

  1. Sign in using your Google account.
  2. Head to Settings (top right).
  3. In the Sign in security section, select Require sign in with Google.
  4. Scroll down to Save settings.

Upon making that change, anyone who isn’t currently signed in using their Google account will be signed out and required to sign in using Google. An email will also be sent to everyone on your account letting them know that they’re now required to sign in using their Google account.

If anyone on your team uses an email that’s not connected to a Google account, they won’t be able to sign in to Harvest. In order for them to sign in, their email in Harvest can be changed to an email address with a Google account.

Note: If you request a personal access token for Harvest's API prior to requiring sign-in with Google, you'll need to request a new token after you sign back in.

Two-factor authentication

You may be required to use two-factor authentication (2FA) if an Administrator has enabled this setting in your account. You can find more information in our article on two-factor authentication.

When you sign in to Harvest, you also sign in to Harvest ID

Harvest ID is our integrated authentication system that comes with security benefits and makes it easy to access multiple accounts that use the same email address.

If you belong to just one Harvest account, you’ll be taken right to that account. If you use more than one Harvest account, our single sign-in page gives you access to all of your accounts with just one email address and password, and it’s quick and easy to switch back and forth without needing to sign out and back in.

Beyond the web app, Harvest ID also makes switching between accounts a breeze in our iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows apps and our Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser extensions.

It’s not just Harvest, either. If your email address is also associated with one or more accounts in Forecast, our planning and scheduling tool, you’ll be able to access those using your Harvest ID, too.

Switching between accounts

Switching accounts in a web browser

When using Harvest or Forecast in a web browser, click your name at the top right of any page and select Switch accounts. You’ll be taken to a list of all your Harvest and Forecast accounts, where you can choose which one you’d like to access.

Switching accounts in a mobile app

In the mobile app for iPhone and Android, tap the Account button at the bottom of your screen and then tap Switch account to access a list of all of the Harvest accounts available to you.

Switching accounts in the Mac or Windows app

In the Mac and Windows apps, click the gear icon at the bottom right of your timesheet and select Switch accounts, then choose the Harvest account you’d like to switch to.

Switching accounts in a browser extension

In the Chrome, Firefox, or Edge extension, open the extension by clicking the H icon next to the address bar and click the Switch account button, then select the Harvest account you’d like to switch to in the window that pops up.

Signing out

Sign out in a web browser

Sign out of all Harvest and Forecast accounts

To sign out of all your Harvest and Forecast accounts with one click, head to

Sign out of a single Harvest or Forecast account

To sign out of a single Harvest or Forecast account, click your name at the top right of any page and select Sign out

Sign out in a mobile app

  1. Go to Account.
  2. Tap Sign out at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Confirm that you want to sign out.

Sign out in the Mac or Windows app

Click the gear icon and select Sign out

Sign out in a browser extension

Click the Switch account link and then click Sign out at the top of the page. Note that signing out here signs you out of all Harvest and Forecast accounts at once. 

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