Account security: Reviewing and ending sessions

The Security section of Harvest ID lets you review all of your active sessions and sign out of one or more of them. This helps to improve account security in case you accidentally left yourself signed in on a device you no longer have access to, your device was lost or stolen, or your account is being accessed by a third party without your authorization.

To review and/or sign out of sessions, head to and, if necessary, sign in. Click the Security link at the top right and then, in the Open sessions section, click Sign out for any sessions or apps that shouldn’t have access to your Harvest ID. Click the Show details link for an individual session to review details, such as the device, location, and IP address.

If any sessions look unfamiliar to you, we recommend that you click the link to sign out everywhere to end all sessions immediately so no one can access or take any actions in your account without authorization. Clicking that link will also automatically trigger a password reset; please check your email to proceed with setting a new password for your Harvest ID to ensure the security of your accounts.

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