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This article is for Administrators and some Managers. Learn more about permissions. If you’re a Member, check out our Member resources.

From Team, click a person’s name to go to their person page, which has more detailed information about how they spend their time each week. From here, you can also edit a person's profile. Only Administrators and Managers with assigned people have access to Team

Note that if your account uses rounding, most of the time data here will be rounded according to your settings.


The person page shows a week at a time, and you can use the arrow buttons at the top left to navigate to different weeks. Once you navigate to a past week, you’ll also see a Return to this week link that you can use to quickly jump back to the current week.

Edit profile 

The Edit profile button will take you to the person’s user profile, where you can edit which projects they’re assigned to, their name and email address, their permissions, and more.

Note: Managers can only edit some details for their assigned people. Managers can't archive, delete, or restore people.


Clicking the Actions dropdown will show the following options: PinArchive, and Delete


If you select Pin, this person will be moved to the top of your team overview (Team) so you can see their information without having to scroll. This can be especially useful if you’re, say, a team lead and usually only need to review time for a particular group of people.

Once you’ve pinned people, you can filter the team overview to show only your pinned teammates.

When you’re approving time and expenses (in Time > Pending approval), you can also filter that page to show only your pinned teammates.


Administrators can Archive anyone except themselves and the Account Owner. Archiving a person prevents them from signing in but maintains their data for reporting and invoicing, and you can restore archived people at a later date if they return to do more work for your company.

You can’t archive yourself, but another Administrator can archive you as long as you’re not the Account Owner.

Our article on archiving, deleting, and restoring people has more information on archiving people.


Administrators can Delete people who have not tracked any time or expenses This will permanently remove their user profile from your account. You can’t delete yourself, but another Administrator can delete you as long as you’re not the Account Owner.

Summary information

On the left, you can see the person’s total time tracked so far this week, their capacity, and how much of their time is billable and non-billable. If your account uses rounding, the time data here will be rounded according to your settings.

There’s also a visual indicator of their billable (darker color) and non-billable (lighter color) time relative to their capacity. This bar is blue as long as they’re under or at their capacity and turns red when they exceed their capacity. This can help you quickly see if someone is working more than expected, especially if they consistently have red here as you navigate through a number of weeks.

Further down the left side, total hours are broken down by hours per day and then, with color-coded charts, by project and by task. 

Note:  If the person tracked time to more than 7 projects or tasks, we’ll show the first 7 projects or tasks with their own color, and all projects or tasks beyond those 7 will be labeled grey and grouped together in the bar graph.


On the right, you’ll see the person’s timesheet, similar to what you’d see if you viewed it from your Time section. Click the Edit button to edit a time entry.

Note: Managers can see the timesheets of their assigned people, but can only edit them if they have special permission to edit time for others. 

If your account uses rounding, the individual time entries here will be unrounded—so you know exactly what they’ve tracked—and each day will show both an unrounded total and a rounded total.

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