Enabling and disabling sections of Harvest

This article is for Administrators. Learn more about permissions. If you’re a Member, check out our Member resources.

If you’re an Administrator, you can choose to display or hide certain sections of Harvest. These settings allow you to turn on or off the timesheet approval feature, expenses, invoices, estimates, and the client dashboard. These changes will apply to all users on your Harvest account.

  1. Click on Settings (upper right corner).

    • Only Administrators can view and change account settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Modules section and click Choose modules.

  3. Check the modules in Harvest you’d like to view, and uncheck any modules you’d like to hide. You can turn on/off:

    • Expense tracking
    • Timesheet approval
    • Team (cannot be disabled if you have more than one person in your account)
    • Invoices
    • Estimates
    • Client dashboard
  4. Save changes.

If you have data entered in a module, hiding that module will not delete your data. Hiding a module is not permanent, and you can change your modules at any time.


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