Customizing account preferences

This article is for Administrators. Learn more about permissions. If you’re a Member, check out our Member resources.

You can change your time/date settings and other account-wide preferences by clicking Settings (top right) and clicking Preferences in the left sidebar. If you’re the current Account Owner, this is also where you can transfer ownership to another Administrator.

Only people with Administrator permissions can view and change account settings. If you don’t see the Settings link in your navigation, you don’t have Administrator permissions.

This article explains some of the account preferences in more detail.

Company name

Changing your company name here will also change it on your estimates and invoices to clients as well as receipts/invoices you receive from Harvest.

Account Owner

The Account Owner is usually the person who originally set up your Harvest account. The Account Owner has all Administrator privileges and, in addition, is the only one who can close your Harvest account or put it on hold; they also can’t be archived or deleted from the account, and other Administrators can't change their email address. To change your Harvest account’s owner, have the current owner click into the Account Owner dropdown and select another Administrator to be the new owner before saving their changes.


This is the account's default timezone setting. You can customize the timezone for each individual teammate on their profile.

Fiscal year

Choosing a month other than January allows your team to report on and invoice for the fiscal year you choose.

Start week on

You can choose any day of the week as the first day for timesheets and reports. When this setting is changed, all existing timesheets, including previously approved ones, will be shifted to start the week on the day selected.

Default capacity

This number sets the desired maximum hours per week for each teammate so you can see how their tracked time compares to their capacity in the Team section. This figure is applied to all teammates by default, but you can change capacity on a per-person basis in individual teammates’ user profiles. It is informational only and doesn’t prevent teammates from tracking time exceeding their capacity.

Timesheet deadline

This setting captures when you expect timesheets due each week. If you update the Timesheet deadline to a day of the week and time, you'll then also have the option next to Timesheet reminders to check the box to Remind my team to enter time at the end of each week. You can learn more about this feature in our article about timesheet reminders.

Time rounding

When time rounding is turned on, your team’s hours will be automatically rounded on summary reports (under Reports > Time), on the tasks and team tabs of project analysis pages, in budget calculations, and on new invoices. In these parts of Harvest, each individual time entry is rounded based on the setting you choose before they’re added up to the total.

Rounding isn’t applied to actual time entries on your timesheets or detailed time reports (under Reports > Detailed time). Excel and CSV time report exports will have one column with unrounded values and one with rounded values to assist you in your reporting. Rounding also isn’t applied to the contractor report.

Date and time settings

You can format the following date and time settings:

Date format

Choose how dates appear.

Time format

Choose whether start and end times (if enabled) appear in a 12-hour or 24-hour clock.

Time display

Choose whether time on timesheets appears in decimal format (e.g. 2 hours, 15 minutes appears as 2.25) or as HH:MM (e.g. 2 hours, 15 minutes appears as 2:15). Note that on reports and invoices, time is always displayed in decimal format for greater precision.

Timer mode 

Track time via duration (e.g. 2 hours) or via start and end time (e.g. 9:00 am to 11:00 am). By default, Harvest tracks time by duration. When you change to tracking by start and end times, this will apply to all timers created going forward. Besides timesheets, start and end times are also displayed in detailed time reports and on individual person pages in Team.

Currency and number settings


Choose the account default currency. Your account’s default currency will be used for all new clients, but you can change an individual client’s currency when you create or edit them; the new currency will then apply to all of that client’s projects.

Currency format 

Choose if you'd like to include the currency symbol and/or ISO code. This can be helpful if your team uses multiple currencies, as some currencies use the same or similar symbols.

Number format

Choose how numbers appear.

Project settings

Show project notes

Project notes are displayed on project reports and when creating invoices. You can choose to display them to Administrators and project managers, or Administrators only.

Project budget 

One of the budget options you can select for your projects is total project hours. Here, you can choose whether projects with that budget type take only billable hours or both billable and non-billable hours into account for drawing down the budget.

Color scheme

Here you can set the color of the navigation bar for your team. This color choice is applied account-wide.

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