How can I subtract an amount from or add a credit to an invoice?

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Subtracting an amount (negative line item)

If you prepend your Unit price amount with a minus sign, Harvest will automatically subtract that amount from your invoice total. To apply this negative line item to your invoice:

  1. Head to Invoices > Overview and click the invoice you need to edit.
  2. Click the Edit invoice button in the top left of the invoice.
  3. Click the Add row button that appears at the bottom of your line item list.
  4. Enter your description.
  5. In the Unit price column, enter a minus sign (-) and the monetary amount you’d like to subtract from your total.
  6. Update invoice


Adding a credit

Harvest doesn’t have a credit note feature or a way to specifically track credit. The best way to issue a credit to your client is to deduct the credit from their next invoice. You can do that by editing your invoice to add a line item with a negative value, as shared above.

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