How can I receive a personal time report by email?

Besides the reports offered directly in Harvest, you can also choose to receive a personal time report, Your Weekly Harvest report, by email. The report is sent on the first day of each week and contains graphs and summary data showing you how you spent your time over the previous week.

A few things to note about the Your Weekly Harvest report

  • It's a personal report that contains information that's specific to your Harvest profile. If you're an Administrator and would like to see this information for your team, you can see most of it in the time report. To view those details, head to Reports > Time, click on an individual teammate's name in the Team tab, and set the Timeframe dropdown to Week. The only piece of information that doesn't appear there are the project percentages.
  • The report reflects hours tracked as of the moment it’s generated, which is shown in the footer. We’re not able to resend the report with hours that were added or edited after that time.
  • The data in the report may also be rounded based on your company settings.
  • Each person in the account can decide whether or not to receive this report—Administrators can’t enable or disable it for other teammates.

Subscribe to or unsubscribe from Your Weekly Harvest report

  1. Click your name at the top right of any page in your account.
  2. Select Notifications.
  3. Check or uncheck the box next to Email me a weekly report of my time.
  4. Click the Update notifications button to save your changes.

Here’s an example of what the report will look like:


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