Incomplete payments in Stripe

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If you have the Stripe integration enabled, you may notice transactions labeled as “Incomplete” on your dashboard in Stripe. These are normal and don’t indicate any issue with the integration or your payments.

When your clients choose to pay their invoice online via Stripe, Stripe's API requires Harvest to create a "payment intent." This is triggered at the moment your client clicks on the ACH or credit card option. Here is what your client sees when they select to pay via credit card:

If your client doesn’t complete the payment process, the transaction will be marked with the "Incomplete" label in Stripe. This doesn’t indicate an issue or error. An incomplete transaction can be due to people leaving the payment window for any reason, such as deciding they’re not ready to pay for the invoice just yet.

Once a transaction has been completed, you should see a “Succeeded” label. This could happen after one or more “Incomplete” labels if your client has started but abandoned the payment process before finally clicking the green Pay button.  (Note that you might temporarily see a “Pending” label on a transaction that’s still processing. That’s expected and will turn into “Succeeded” once the transaction is fully processed.)

In the example below, the client for invoice 20 began the payment process two separate times before completing payment the third time:


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